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Providing attractive investment properties information based on the experience operating and managing real estate investment properties for many years.

Outside Evaluation : “UENO KOA Building” owned and managed by KOYO Inc. won the “Japan’s 1st place in the Building Management Award 2018″.

Our Difference – KOYO Inc.

We, at KOYO, have been supporting real estate investment for many years as a special agent of our clients based on our customers’ special demands. We are clearly different from Japanese real estate investment companies that introduce real estate not popular in Japan via a website that anyone can view at any time.

For many years, KOYO has been led by a president and has obtained attractive real estate investment information that is transmitted secretly through financial institutions, wealthy routes and so on. In addition to introducing the confidential information to customers, we purchase them and operate and manage in-house. We have stable real estate investment because we make the investment forecast focusing on the problems that occur after the investment and the resale profit in the near future at the consideration stage of the real estate investment by accumulating a lot of experiences of real estate operation and management over many years.

We assist your real estate investment as your special agent based on your special demands. It is different from a company that sells real estate purchased by the company or real estate not popular in Japan via a website that anyone can view anytime.

Even with seemingly attractive investment properties, there are some pitfalls that can always be said. Also, properties that attract many investors are highly competitive and it is difficult to invest at a reasonable price. In other word, if you can find a property that is not attractive at first glance but in fact it has an unrealized gains, it is likely to be able to invest at a reasonable price. If such an investment succeeds, the monthly balance will be stable and attractive, and in the future there will be higher hopes for attractive capital gain.

For achieving the stable profitability of the invested real estate with the low vacancy rates and maximize the real estate value, both the supporting ability of existing tenants and leasing ability of new tenants are important.Especially in the case of building management where there are many competitors of similar grade, the building manager is required both the abilities to communicate with multinational tenants and to respond flexibly to tenant needs, such as increased floor space demand and assist of human resources.

We won the “1st place in Japan in the Building Management Award 2018″ as a result of a national vote sponsored by the Building Management Research Institute, regarding “UENO KOA Building” owned and managed by our company based on the concept of “Neighbor Love”.

Based on these years of experience in real estate operation and management, we will support the Japanese real estate investing for achieving not only stable operation and management but also further business growth of real estate investment for overseas customers.

Large Scale Real Estate Investments

For investors looking for large-scale real estate in Tokyo and other areas of Japan, we could provide privileged large-scale real estate investment information of whole residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotel properties, and more.
In the same way as Japan, we could provide privileged large-scale real estate investment information in different countries, such as United States, UAE and so on.


Ken Nakashima
General Manager of the Tokyo branch of KOYO Inc.

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in California, United States
  • Licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist in Japan
  • Licensed Mathematics Teacher in Japan

Mr. Nakashima graduated from Iwate University’s Dept. of Education ( Bachelor of Education ) and Keio University School of Law (Distance Learning Programs; Bachelor of Laws ). He stayed for a short time in the United States and returned to Japan in 2002 after obtaining a real estate broker license.

He was one of the panelists at the “Building Management Summit 2017 in Tokyo”.  Also “UENO KOA Building” operated and managed by Tokyo branch won the “1st place in Japan in the Building Management Award 2018″ as a result of a national vote sponsored by the Building Management Research Institute.

He was interviewed by Japanese building related newspaper company for feature articles such as “Globalization of Japanese Real Estate Industry”, “The impact of the BOJ’s negative interest rate policy on real estate investment”and “Trend of Real Estate Investment by Chinese Investors”.

He has a unique career. He started his career as a programmer applying mathematics. In addition, he, as a system engineer and business development consultant tied up with Japanese and Chinese excellent engineers, developed one of the largest EC shops in Japan for a major electronic and home appliances retail store in Japan. That is why he was also interviewed about ” The Possibilities and Issues of Virtual Currency affecting to the Real Estate Industry”.

His motto is “Neighbor Love”.


Isamu Ishida

Manager in the Real Estate Investment division of KOYO Inc.

  • Licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist in Japan

Mr. Ishida joined KOYO Inc. after working at a facility maintenance company. He primarily works real estate investment consultancy. In addition, he specializes in the maintenance of real estate owned by our company and customers, as well as the support of existing tenants and the leasing of new tenants.

He has a unique career as a member of the junior youth team of a very famous football team that produces national team members. His teammate was a very famous player who all became known in the football world, who later became one of Japan’s national team members. He faced the high level of teammates’ Japanese representative level every day, and he chose not the path of a professional football player, but the path of general occupation in life.

That being said, he was at a high level unlike the ordinary football level. In addition, since both mind and body are trained more than ordinary people, he is consistently persistent in his work. Therefore, he is highly trusted not only by the business owners and colleagues he works with, but also by customers such as wealthy people, landlords and tenants.


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