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With the Tokyo Olympics set to take place in 2020, the wealth of Asia, Europe and America is focusing on investing in Japanese real estate. As a result, return on investment (ROI) for popular area is decreasing. As for the low value of the yen, investments in Japanese real estate—the prices of which have risen with no regard for ROI-are a risk for asset management.

We take into account the interest that can be returned to investors and the condition of the Japanese real estate market, and we mainly introduce the commercial real estate with an attractive value in Tokyo and surrounding areas. If you are mainly interested in investing in commercial real estate located in Tokyo and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Ken Nakashima

Director of ATHLETE Inc.
General Manager of the Tokyo branch of KOYO Inc.

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in California, United States
  • Licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist in Japan

Mr. Nakashima graduated from Iwate University’s Dept. of Education and Keio University School of Law(Distance Learning Programs). Putting his unique information network to use, he is particularly adept at the consultancy of real estate investments, mainly of five hundred million to two billion yen.

He was one of the panelists at the “Building Management Summit in Tokyo in April 2017”. He collaborated with not only Japanese but also other Chinese engineers in developing eCommerce platform for one of the largest sales and most famous Japanese online stores operated by Japanese enterprises. His motto is “Neighbor love”


Isamu Ishida

Manager in the Real Estate Investment division of KOYO Inc.

  • Licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist in Japan

Mr. Ishida joined KOYO Inc. after working at a facility maintenance company. Mr Ishida primarily works with one hundred million to five hundred million yen real estate investment consultancy as well as our company’s building and management maintenance and communicating with tenants.


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UENO KOA bldg 2F, 2-6-4 moto-asakusa, taito-ku, Tokyo Japan 1110041
telephone +81 3 5830 3964 (japanese only) / e-mail contact form
Governor of Tokyo License No. (2) 95273
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