So that even foreign customers can invest in Japanese real estate with peace of mind,
our experienced staff are on hand to assist, with flawless organization.


Introduction of property

We send regular real estate information e-mails to the customers registered with our company.


Guidance of property

Customers who wish to view real estate will be met at their airport or hotel, and given on-site explanations of the estate.


Agreement and Negotiation

We conduct negotiations and form contracts without errors in conjunction with our staff who are well versed in Japanese real estate laws.

If the customer is present at the time of the contract, we can also offer interpreting.



We will introduce a company with expertise in managing, who deal in many areas of real estate such as deposit and withdrawal management, building management, tenant correspondence and so on.


Consultation of sale

We assist with the sale of customers’ real estate at the end of their investment period.


Brokerage fee
3% of Purchase price , plus its consumption tax
Interpreting, valet services and so on are offered for an additional fee